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About us

Sicque Art was founded by Navroop Singh in 2016. Though an Engineer by profession, Navroop has always been an art enthusiast, and in recent years particularly of traditional Sikh Art. Dismayed by the increasingly high prices of Sikh Art in auction houses and the lack of accessibility due to large amounts of work being in private hands, Navroop set up Sicque Art, as a way of democratising Sikh Art.

The curious spelling of Sicque harks back to when the British first started writing about the Sikhs and attempted to wrap their western tongues and pens around the native language. In this way, Sicque Art represents a rediscovery of traditional Sikh Art, by producing fine art reproductions using a mix of traditional and modern printing techniques. It aims to democratise traditional Sikh Art, to make it accessible and affordable for all, and to reintroduce it as part of Sikh culture, identity and life. Working with Museums and private collectors, Sicque Art looks to produce both open and limited editions of affordable fine art reproductions worthy of collection in themselves.

Framing Size Guide A3
Unframed 297mm (W) x 420mm (H)
Framed 420mm (W) x 540mm (H) x 18mm (D)